SDSU Astronomy Department Personnel

Full-Time Faculty

photo portrait of Dr. Leonard Douglas C. Leonard PhD 2000, UC Berkeley
Associate Professor, Outreach and Media Representative
Research Area: Observational extragalactic astronomy; optical and near-infrared photometry and spectroscopy; spectropolarimetry
Research Interests: Physics of supernova explosions; extragalactic distance scale; cosmological uses of supernovae
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photo portrait of Dr. Orosz Jerome A. Orosz PhD 1996, Yale University
Professor, Student Adviser
Research Area: Close binary stars, optical photometry and spectroscopy
Research Interests: Black hole binaries, neutron star binaries, light curve synthesis of close binary stars, accretion disk physics, stellar photometry and spectroscopy, variable stars

photo portrait of Dr. Quimby Robert Quimby PhD 2006, University of Texas, Austin
Assoc Professor, MLO Director
Research Area: Observational Cosmology, Astronomical Transients
Research Interests: Supernovae

photo portrait of Dr. Sandquist Eric L. Sandquist PhD 1996, UC Santa Cruz
Research Area: Stellar astronomy, theoretical astrophysics
Research Interests: Star clusters, stellar evolution, stellar collisions
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photo portrait of Dr. Shafter Allen W. Shafter PhD 1983, UCLA
Professor, Department Chairman
Research Area: Interacting Binary Stars
Research Interests: Cataclysmic variables; extragalactic novae

photo portrait of Dr. Welsh William F. Welsh PhD 1993, The Ohio State University
Research Area: Interacting binary stars, extrasolar planets, time series analysis
Research Interests: Accretion-Powered Systems: AGN, CVs and X-Ray Binaries; transiting exoplanets
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Emeritus Faculty

photo portrait of Dr. Angione Ronald J. Angione PhD 1970, University of Texas
Professor Emeritus, MLO Director Emeritus
Research Area - Photometry, Binary Systems, Atmospheric Physics
Research Interests: Galaxies, QSO's

photo portrait of Dr. Daub C.T. Daub PhD 1962, University of Wisconsin
Professor Emeritus
Research Area: Physical processes in gaseous nebulae
Research Interests: Planetary nebulae

photo portrait of Dr. Etzel Paul B. Etzel PhD 1986, UCLA
Professor Emeritus, MLO Director Emeritus
Research Area: Close binary stars, photometry and spectroscopy
Research Interests: Interacting Binaries, stellar properties

cartoon of a 5-pointed star Burt Nelson PhD 1959, University of Wisconsin
Professor Emeritus, Director Emeritus
Research Area: Eclipsing binary stars, Light Pollution

cartoon of a 5-pointed star F. D. Talbert PhD 1968, University of Texas
Associate Professor Emeritus
Research Interests: Galactic clusters

Research Staff

photo portrait of Dr. Leach Bob Leach PhD 1979, Harvard University
SSPAR, Staff Scientist
Research Area: CCD technology, readout system development
Research Interests: CCD's, star formation, and galaxies

Adjunct Faculty

cartoon star Fred Ringwald
cartoon star Sumangala Rao
cartoon star Laird Thompson
cartoon star Chuck Horst
cartoon star Andrew T. Young
Research Area: Photometry and filters
Research Interests: Photometry, planetary atmospheres, green flashes and related topics


cartoon star Gur WIndmiller


star icon Andrew D. Farrow , Observatory Superintendent

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