XTE J1550-564:

Here is a 4 arcminute by 4 arcminute V-band image of the field of XTE J1550-564 taken September 8, 1998 with the YALO 1 meter telescope at Cerro Tololo Interamerican Observatory. The candidate optical counterpart (with V approximately 16.0) is marked with the arrow. Note that this CCD images has not been calibrated. The darker part on the bottom is an artifact of the two-channel readout of the CCD.

September 12: This is a deeper V-band image (300 seconds instead of 60) than what was here before. I also corrected the title to read "4' X 4'" instead of "3' X 3'". The weather at CTIO has been very bad the last few days, so we have no new observations to report.

Click here for a PostScript version of this chart.

Click here for a better PostScript chart made from images taken with the 8.2m VLT.

Here is a "before and after" image of the field, where the "before" image is the archival J print from the UK Schmidt Survey, scanned at Yale. Note that there is a slight mismatch between the effective filter bandpasses between the two images. The optical counterpart possibly is visible on the archival print, but you have to look very hard to see it. This object has brightened by at least a factor of 25.

Here is a smoothed, expanded and stretched view of the above image, showing the faint optical counterpart. The field shown is 2 arcminutes by 2 arcminutes. Click here for a PostScript version of this image (it is a bit clearer when printed out on a high resolution printer).

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Updated 3 December, 1998