The Clifford Smith 24-inch Telescope

This telescope was originally fabricated at the SDSU campus using a Haines mount and a mirror ground and polished in a campus optical shop. Placed in a dome on the roof of the Physics-Astronomy building, it became the Department's first research telescope, and was used there for the study of eclipsing binary stars from 1961 to 1966.

With refigured optics by Don Loomis of Tucson, the telescope was moved to Mount Laguna in 1971. A new mount, drive and gears, computer control system, and photoelectric photometer were constructed beginning in 1978. The completely refurbished telescope began operation in 1984 and has produced many Masters' theses, senior projects and research publications.

photo of the 24-inch telescope
with the photometer mounted More details about the 24-inch Telescope..

Step outside the dome.

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