The Harrington Visitors' Center at Mount Laguna Observatory

The Harrington Visitors' Center is the newest building at the Observatory site. Awona Harrington, a member of the Observatory office staff until her untimely death in a highway accident, was a leader in organizing the Mount Laguna Observatory Associates and dreamed of seeing a visitor center on the mountain. Her bequest of fifty-three thousand dollars was used to start construction of the Harrington Visitors' Center. Fortunately, the Harrington Fund was supplemented by additional gifts and extensive help from individuals and local construction firms.

The Center provides private living quarters for visiting astronomers, Observatory work space, classroom and meeting space for University functions, and support for special SDSU public outreach events.

Two Photos of the Harrington Visitors' Center

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Special recognition is due the staff of the Cleveland National Forest for their cooperation in granting the use permit for the Observatory site and in aiding in its development in many ways.

The National Science Foundation provide approximately half of the cost of establishing the Observatory in 1968, and funds to aid in bringing the 40-inch telescope from the University of Illinois Telescope to Mount Laguna.

We appreciate the continuing support of the Mount Laguna Observatory Associates who have contributed to the development of the facilities and to the protection of the observatory site.

In appreciation of the Donors to the Mount Laguna Observatory: